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samsung configuration internet

samsung configuration internet

Samsung N120 details in the design and the first NC10 products adding many new models, then this Samsung N110 NC10 is a continuation of the classic design so that we can see that the essence of design Samsung

In the hardware configuration, the Samsung N110 was the previous generation of NC10 and looking no significant difference from the fact that the details of some improvements. Meticulous users may find that, relative to the mold Samsung N110 N120 with the previous number slightly smaller flat black based on the transfer in a compact visual experience. N110 to N120 in the design of the woofer design, superior audio to give life at the same time its ability to perform better quality compared removed.

Samsung NC10 N110 with the body opposite, although the use of common engineering materials, but in the case of milling and processing on a lot to see a lot of thought, make body and intuition like to see. All black body, the design by adding the mirror light assembly compact. Samsung N110 Black and be in the context of a very elegant frame, the machine will play a role in the decoration of the decorative side of polishing metals, replaced by a more rounded design area and move to a border a small red decorative box.

And diverse, the N110-N120 screen interface with the hull design of the back of the wave point design classic, this design is supposed to be the first ultra-portable Q40, a little active on the whole element. The use of the recess of the shaft end, the largest opening angle of approximately 145 degrees in the practice of the damping effect is good.

Samsung N110-interface is based on the principle of simple and practical has been expanded, offering a range of audio input and output, three USB 2.0 ports, an RJ-45 Ethernet port and a D-Sub port, consumers can meet the basic needs of normal use. In addition to this netbook PC fuselage to use external storage, digital image data is also an SD card fitted. Distribution of the view as the interface that are commonly used in the intensive cable interface designed on both sides of the fuselage and the generous distribution.

Samsung recently with the Internet as the N110 in the configuration, it is not surprising to many places, but life in the product design and the capacity is further improved. As for the N110 more we want to say is that the structure of the design of the machine, such as the delicate work, design flanger man and the large keyboard, etc., we find that the quality of products and the content of the host.

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